Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well grrrrr!! I was working on a post about the last couple months with pictures and everything, but for some reason my computer decided to log me out of blogspot in the middle of it. So I lost the post and all the pictures. So here's the summary, since my last post my sister got married, Thanksgiving was lots of fun, Pax had a wonderful 1st birthday party (and actual birthday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were so special and New Years Eve was an absolute blast! When I have reliable internet I guess I will upload a bunch of pictures for you then.

Pax also had his December cardiology visit and his 1 year check up. They both went well. His cardiologist said that the pressures have pretty much stayed the same. In addition to the issues with the pressures in the aorta his mitral valve looked "tight", but that was all she said about that. She said she felt safe in letting him wait until March to go back so that's when we will go back. She said he'd probably need a cath either then or within a couple months of that. But for now he's doing very well. He's growing and developing well. :)

His pediatrician is also happy with him. He had been really sick (GI stuff yuck!) for a few weeks so he got to temporarily miss out on getting his 1 year shots...there are 6...yes, 6 of them! How excessive is that!!?? Geez! He's in the 50% for height and 15% for weight. I'm not worried though...Dakotah has always been in the 10% for weight, while Kaiden was always at least 50%. We got to report that Pax had learned to sit and stand and walk around while holding onto stuff so he won't be needing physical therapy. yippee!! He's getting very close to walking too. The other night he took his 1st small step!! Yay!!! I love to watch my children growing and learning.

I think that's it for now. I'll post some recent pictures when my internet and computer cooperate. :)