Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello! I just wanted to give a quick update. Pax had his cardiology appointment yesterday and it went fabulous. I have never seen him so compliant before. Usually he freaks out if anyone other than close family comes near him, but yesterday he didn't fuss at all during his echo, EKG or his blood pressure and oxygen sat check. In fact when Lisa, (the nurse) walked in the door to do his pulse ox and blood pressure he immediately sat down and took his shoes off for her. Such a sweet boy! It made yesterday so much more peaceful.

Okay so his pressures are unchanged from after the cath in St. Louis, which is great news. Everyone was really pleased with how well he handled the procedure there and feel like they were able to give him some time before surgery. His pressures are about 50 right now. When they get to about 80 they'll want to do the surgery. The Ross-Konno is what they are looking at doing. They all think surgery will probably happen in March or April, but I'm doubting that. I think he'll go much much longer and I'm still expecting a miracle. I know wht God has already started in him He will complete. I can't remember if I shared this or not before, but a couple months ago when Josh was praying about Pax God spoke to him saying He would give him a new heart. A couple Sundays after that we were being prayed over and that was prophecies over Pax again and then it happened a 3rd time from someone else. I think God's trying to say something here. Haha! We have a few scriptures that we have been standing on that I'll have to share another time. I'm typing this on my phone an don't have the references on hand. So that's what we have been praying and speaking over him. Pax has a new heart praise God! 

Thankfully our St. Louis trip was covered by donations from people, but we have been having "fun" trying to stay afloat from Josh missing that week of work. Please be praying and believing with us that extra money would come in somehow to help get us back to where we need to be. God is so faithful and has brought us so far. I know He'll keep providing for us. 

Pleas ignore the typos...my phone isn't compatible with my fat fingers! Haha