Monday, February 25, 2013

I am one of those weirdos that loves winter. Not so much the freezing cold, but rather the snow and fires in the fireplace and s'mores. As a kid I loved playing in the snow with my older brother and younger sister. We would build these amazing forts and sliding paths. In my mind I still think they are way cooler than anything anyone else could ever build, but in reality they probably weren't that cool. Don't tell Josh that though because I still brag about the forts I built as a kid. Anyways, I was super bummed that we haven't had any snow this winter and its the end of February. Well last week we finally got a little snow. It only stayed around for 1 day, but it was long enough to get to watch the kids play in it. I snapped a few pictures that I thought I'd share. We are supposed to be getting another snow storm tonight so maybe we'll actually get a snow day out of it. :)