Sunday, April 29, 2012

I was going to wait to post an update about my doctor's appointments until I was all finished with them, but it might be awhile. So in my previous post about it all I was going to be getting the results of my latest bloodwork. I got those results back and everything was completely normal. I'm not even the slightest bit anemic, which surprised me because I have always been anemic and especially since we rarely eat red meat anymore. I guess I get plenty of nutrients from everything else I eat. So basically they are stumped as to what has been causing my major fatigue along with other symptoms. The doctor told me that it's possible that I just have chronic fatigue and that they don't know anything about it really, but found that when those patients were put on Prozac they got better. So for now, that's the plan...take Prozac and vitamins. By the way, in case you have never taken Prozac, one of the major side effects is drowsiness. Hmmm...I'm supposed to be getting help for fatigue so they give me drugs to knock me out. Supposedly the side effects get better over time...we'll see. I will say that I don't get stressed out with the kids as quickly as I used to. So that's nice, but it's probably because I'm so drowsy I simply can't respond. Haha! Oh well.

As for the growth in my neck, I had an ultrasound done and now I'm being scheduled for a biopsy hopefully in the near future. If I haven't heard from them this week I'm supposed to call them. Hopefully I hear something Monday or Tuesday though.

I'm not too worried about all this though. I had it biopsied 8 years ago and it was fine so I don't expect this time to come back any different. Besides that, I serve a big God who's got my back. :)

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  1. Cari have you looked into Fibromyalgia.About 3 years ago I thought I was literally dying as I couldn't even keep my body upright anymore.I couldn't take care of the boys and I was aching so bad.I thought I had the flu with no fever.Eventually after many tests everything came back normal so I was sent to a Rhumetologist and she dx me with Fibro.I am on Lyrica and it has helped a lot.SOme days are better than others.I am also effected by the rain too.My pain is very bad with cold weather too.I did try many anti-depressants and thay all made me a zombie so I cannot take them.I do take lots of supplements thought.YOu can e-mail me if you want.
    I really hope the meds help you.

  2. Woohoo, I was actually gonna check in with ya this afternoon to see what you've found out. Funny!!!

    I'm so happy the blood work came out OK. Ya know, if the Prozac's side effects turn out to be worse than the problem...ya can opt out! 'Just sayin'! Medicine is often more trial and error than a science.

    Prayin' for your biopsy to be clean and clear also. Loved the statement that "Gods got your back"....soooo true!

    God bless ya girl and have a blissful kinda week!!!

  3. I didn't realize you were struggling with any of this! Yikes! Hopefully this will kick in and be a good fix for you. With kiddos running around, us mamas need our energy. I know I struggled for years when mine were younger. When Sarah finally slept through the night on her own (at age 2) things started getting better. I was still sluggish, but I could stay upright again.

    [sharing just in case it could be something you're dealing with]
    A couple years ago I found something that made a huge difference: eliminating corn and wheat from my diet. Not decreasing, eliminating. I tried it for a few weeks and thought maybe, yeah, a little better. Then one day I forgot and ate a small handful of chips. I sat down to read with the kids 15 minutes later and fell asleep mid-sentence at least 3 times! lol! Apparently, wheat free eating was helping more than I thought. I've backslid quite a bit with it, but there is no doubt that it makes a big difference for me. I guess my body just doesn't like corn and wheat.