Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cath Scheduled

Alrighty, so here's the latest...I talked to Pax's cardiologist on Monday and the surgeons agreed that he needed to have the heart cath now. Dr. Madronero said they were concerned though that if the balloon can't be done that surgery wouldn't be the answer for him. I know his age and size factor into that, but I don't really know what exactly that means. She didn't go into any more detail about the meeting than that and I didn't ask because it doesn't matter...the balloon will work. His heart cath is scheduled for the 24th...arriving about 5:30am and starting around 7:00am & pre-op stuff the day before. Please be praying with us that the location of concern is located high enough that it can be ballooned. God has been so good and has brought him through so much already and we've seen Him do so many miracles in Pax before so we don't expect this to be any different. Also be praying that he stays healthy the next couple weeks so no scheduling changes have to be made. Thanks a ton!

Oh, I thought I'd include a funny picture for you. This past Friday Josh and I went to the wedding of some really close friends. I don't consider myself to be photogenic at all, but I'm pretty good at taking goofy pictures so here ya go. (The other woman is my lovely sister-in-law, Lish.)

And here's a picture I took of Pax and Kaiden playing in the laundry basket.


  1. Will be keeping Paxton in my prayers!

  2. Thoughts and prayers for Paxton and you all.Thanks for the updates.Looks like you had a good time at the wedding.Why is is that kids love the laundry baskets.Mine use them as turtle shells or snail shells.

  3. Love that crazy pic sweetie!!!

    Know that I'll be holdin' Pax up in prayer. Nobody knows as well as you how good God is!

    Cute~cute pic of the laundry 'Kids'! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic day!