Friday, September 23, 2011

On Tuesday Pax went for his monthly cardiologist visit. Once again, it was a good visit. Dr. Madranero said that the pressures around the area they just repaired has gone up some since his last appointment, but not enough to worry her. The averages were between 19-23. At an average of 45 they would do a diagnostic heart cath to see what exactly is going on. Dr. Madranero is hoping that they won't have to do a heart cath for another 4-6 months. Of course, the pressures could stabilize and not increase at all, which is what would be the best thing to happen. :) Overall she was very very happy with how he's doing and once again was amazed that through this whole ordeal he has never shown any outward signs of anything happening to him. This just makes me smile everytime. :D She is also hoping that in the near future we will be able to stretch our appointments to every other month. How awesome would that be??!!

On Wednesday I took Pax for his 9 month checkup at our new pediatrician. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have him at a new office and with a new doctor. *sigh* It's a very small practice with just 1 doctor and a few nurses. And bonus, one of our good friends works there! I'm so happy to have a doctor that actually speaks English and cares about my kid and can actually help him. Anyways, I could go on and on, but the important thing is that he's doing beautifully in his growth and development. He's sooo close to crawling. He's been getting up on all 4's and tries so hard to move, but isn't quite there yet. In the meantime he is very content with just scooting at the speed of light on his belly. He's also been learning to stand and he's been doing quite well. I would expect him to be starting to take steps with help in the next month or so. He isn't sitting up yet, but he has 3 more months to get that one down before physical therapy steps in. I'm confident that he will get it though! 

On another note...we are going through some very important "changes" and seeking God for some direction concerning some steps that we may need to take. Please be praying for us that we would have wisdom and CLEAR direction as to what we need to do. Change is never easy or pleasant but is sometimes necessary. 

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  1. 'Agreein' with you on guidance and direction for ya'll. Change can be a scary thing.

    I'm thrilled that Pax is doin' so well. Those heart surgeries truly delay those core muscles that are needed for motor skills. I have no doubt Paxton will be sittin' on his own, soon and very soon.

    God bless you sweet little family Hon!

    Love ya :o)