Monday, February 13, 2012

Did I call it or what? Last night Pax figured out how to climb the bunk bed ladder. Thankfully Dakotah was there to watch out for him. I had already forgotten about it this morning when I discovered him on the top trying to climb across to the top of the dresser which happens to be by the bed. Oh dear!! So off came the ladder!! I didn't even know he could climb up or down regular stairs (we don't have stairs here) much less a ladder. My growing little man!

On another note, this weekend was quite eventful. Last Thursday Dakotah had a major asthma episode that got him sent home from school. Then later that night I ended up taking him to urgent care who sent him to the hospital for the night. After breathing treatments every 2 hours and some other meds he is on the mend. He's finally back on controller meds for his asthma and finally got an inhaler instead of the nebulizer. Oh I was so sick of that stupid machine that takes forever!! Tomorrow he goes for a follow up appointment with his pediatrician so we'll see what they have to say.

Today was an almost snow day at home day, but for many of you it is a snowed in at home day so enjoy!!


  1. Go Pax! Climbing must be in our guys genes. hah. I just sat here and read all your post since the beginning.
    We don't get to see you much, but are so proud and rest in comfort to get a glimpse into your personal thoughts, as you report on Pax.
    We're counting on a time in the, hopefully not too distant future, when you'll be seeing a lot more of us.
    Dad and Sharon

    1. Thanks Dad. :) Does that mean that you'll be moving here soon?? :) haha We are gonna come down this weekend...well 98% sure anyways. Supposed to make the final decision tonight. It'll be nice to see everyone and not have a ton of a wedding. ha! And I'll try to remember to bring the slideshow I did for Pax's birthday so everyone can watch it.

  2. Woohoo!!! You go little Pax, What a little monkey, ya come from a generation of climbers! :o)

    Bet your heart skipped a beat or two when ya found him on top of the bed.

    Snow...honey, we're havin' a blizzard! Really!

    Love ya....

    God bless and have a fantabulous week!!! :o)

    1. Haha it sure did skip a beat...maybe several! I caught him playing in a glass of water that was on the dresser beside the bed. He sure was having fun splashing though, but whew...I'm glad I caught him.

      Wish we would have had a blizzard! I think we only got about an inch maybe. I'm still holding out hope for an actual winter. It's supposed to be almost 60 this weekend. Geez!