Saturday, February 4, 2012

My little baby is definitely NOT a baby anymore. It seems that we are heading for the early toddler stage where they get into absolutely everything and you have to go through the trash to make sure nothing important is in your wallet. Im fairly certain this is the reason most of my silverware disappeared when Kaiden went through that stage.

Pax has recently learned how to climb onto things such as the couch, chairs, the diningroom table, my bed...oh and the bunkbed ladder! Thankfully he can only get to the 2nd step, but it only took him about a week to learn that so I'm sure that it won't be much longer before he learns to crawl to the very top. Oh dear!! He has also learned to WALK! Yay!! While I'm very proud of this achievement and glad that he has finally done it, it means I have to keep an even closer watch on him. He's just in the beginning stages of walking though so he loses his balance a lot so I've got a few more "lazy" days. Ha! I've been trying to catch him on video and I finally did today for a few seconds. I'm blogging from my phone, but I'll try to post it for y'all.

On a different note, Pax and I have the entire day all to ourselves. Josh and the band traveled to Missouri for the whole weekend for a show and so Josh could preach at a church. And Kaiden and Dakotah went to Wichita with Grandma & Grandpa Coats to celebrate cousin Isabel's 5th birthday. I'm thinking shopping is definitely on the agenda today. :) That and some peace and quiet. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Hey! I just read Pax's story over at Stefenie's blog. It had me in tears! You all have definitely been on a roller coaster, but your faith is amazing!

    We'll definitely be adding Pax (and your family) to our prayer list.

    Nice to "meet" you! :)
    Heart Mom to Derrick

  2. Oh thank you so much! Nice to "meet" you too! :)