Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday!!!!

It's finally Friday!! The week has actually gone by decently fast, which I'm thankful for. Maybe today I will get to test out my new running shoes. Of course, I'm not actually going to run in them, but I am going to exercise in them. Maybe the running will come later when the weather cools down. I would LOVE to start running!

We have no big plans for the weekend except today we get our new batch of shirts in!!! Wooo!!! I'm excited to see them! I'm hoping the one I ordered for me will fit okay. It was really cute in the catalogue so we shall see.

I'm also waiting today to get a call from the surgeon's office with the official time for Pax's pre-op appointment and the surgery time. She said it would probably be the same time, but I need to hear an official time. My other plans for this weekend are to go grocery shopping, although I'm not really sure what all I'm going to get since I have no clue how next week will go. I do know I need to get all of our toiletries for the hospital though and I need to get my puzzle books. I have a thing about puzzle books during times like this. That's all I do...puzzles. I guess it keeps my mind off of what's going on in front of me. I'm going to try to stay calm this weekend and prepare myself as much as I can without going crazy. I think, more than anything else, I'm just not looking forward to seeing Pax afterwards. That's what freaks me out the most for some reason. Probably because the 1st time around he was already in the hospital. I couldn't hold or feed him and he was already hooked up to so many things it wasn't a huge shock to see him afterwards. But this time he is a happy playful little boy who is NOT in the hospital anymore. I can hold and feed him and play with him. He's not hooked up to anything right now so to go from him now to looking....scary...well that's a BIG change.

I'm so glad to have the peace of God though. I know that the Holy Spirit is my comforter and friend. He will not leave or forsake me and He will be my strength. I just have to focus on that. 


  1. praying for your son and your whole family... i know lish and jon coats... i am part of the fcf family.... my daughter was born with arotic stinosis and is having her very first open heart surgery on fri the 5th of august.... i speak totally and complete healing over you little boy....

  2. Thank you Angela! We really appreciate all the prayers and support that we have received. We will be praying for your daughter this week too!!

  3. Oh sweetie, there are few who know exactly what you are goin' through. Know Unk and I are prayin' through the roof for precious little Paxton and you little family. We serve a God that's bigger than any stinkin' form of congenital heart defects. Just ask you Cuz' the Social Butterfly who had all the odds stacked against her.

    I'm here if ya ever need to talk to someone who's been through the battle as a mama.

    God bless you guys and had a beautiful day.

    Now go open a window 'cause I'm sendin' ya big old Auntie huggs!!!

    (I've let my blog snore this summer...just couldn't keep up with everything but will be wakin' it up sometime soon. :o)

  4. Thank you for the encouragement!! I don't know how we would be getting through if it wasn't for all the prayers and support. I'd love to hear Charity's story sometime when we are there...whenever that may be. Maybe we will get lucky and get to come down this Thanksgiving. haha

    I'm glad you're starting your blog back up. It always made me laugh.

    By the way, I caught the hug! ;) Thanks!!