Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Distraction

This weekend my brother, sister-in-law and my niece Madison came to town to spend some time with us before Pax's surgery Tuesday. I'm so glad they came because it helped to take my mind off of what is to come. They got to town Friday evening and then Saturday we all went shopping. Surprisingly this shopping trip went WAY better than when we tried to go in January. All 4 kids behaved beautifully! I got a pair of running shoes to replace the ones that I've had since I was a junior in high school. They are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Sunday morning we got to dedicate Pax at church. I know this is going to maybe sound bad and not make sense, but somehow dedicating him had another level of meaning. It was definitely a decision for me to put him in God's hands and literally dedicate his life to matter what happens. Of course, I'm expecting God's healing to be completed in Pax so that he won't have to deal with heart issues the rest of his life and he can declare God's amazingness the rest of his life. Anyways, Sunday night we attended the benefit show that my husband Josh put together for our family. It was at a bbq restaurant so basically for $12 people got their food and then listened to a couple bands play and then got to hear Josh's band play. Our church family was absolutely amazing in their support for us. There were 2 showings and both of them sold out, plus after the show they ended up buying a ton of the t-shirts that we had made.

I forgot to mention that Josh and I started a t-shirt company to help out with finances during Pax's hospital stay, but I think we are going to keep it going. It's doing really well and we think the designs are pretty sweet. :)

Anyways, back to my weekend story...after the show my family left. :( I wish they could have stayed longer, but it's always so much fun to get to see them! They did leave with the promise that they would be back in a month though so I'm holding them to it. 

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