Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pax is continuing to do wonderfully! His liver has gone down significantly. Yesterday the doctors decided to "test" his liver by letting him eat whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to see how his liver would react. I have yet to talk to a nurse, but I'm guessing it didn't increase in size because they are continuing to let him eat as normal. They did tell Josh that it is still enlarged though, but I'm not sure by how much and I don't know any details about it yet. He is definitely breathing much much easier which is a great sign. (When the liver is too big it puts pressure on the diaphragm causing breathing difficulties.)

At 2pm he will receive his last IV med and then his "art" line (the line that is in an artery that they draw blood from. No drugs are given through this line.) will come out and then we will move out of the PICU and head to one of the "clean" regular pediatric floors. Yay! I'm sad to have to leave the PICU just because we have made so many friends here, but glad that Pax is well enough to not need them. He still has his central line, but I'm guessing it will also come out today since he is receiving no meds through it after 2 and he also has 2 other lines for "just in case".

I can't believe that 1 week ago he had his surgery. So much has happened in the last week! I'm hoping that I will get to hold him today too...it's been 1 whole week since I've held him. It's time for some Mommy cuddles. :)

Also, if you remember me mentioning a friend here on the PICU level named Taylor...she was our neighbor in the surgical suite that was on ECMO and not doing very well. I found out today that they are weaning her from the ECMO machine!!! Praise God!!! Thank you for praying for her. God is sooo good! 

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