Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well the "easy part" of the hospital stuff has passed. I think the hardest part is when they come off of the vent and come off of the drugs, but can't eat or be held yet. It's so sad today. :( I'm happy that he was able to come off of the vent and got to have a bunch of tubes taken out yesterday, but they also stopped his pain/sedation drugs. So his throat is sore and he's having trouble breathing and is just plain miserable. He's just been crying today. It makes me so sad. Hopefully in the next day or so they will take out his central line so I can maybe hold him. He's a cuddler so he just gives me this look like "mommy, why aren't you holding me?"

He does get to move into a bigger room that has a shower and a tv which will be nice. And he gets a bigger bed. As soon as his liver goes back to normal size he will be able to eat.

So I would ask that you be praying that his liver go back to normal so he can start eating again and also that  it would be an easy transition from having all those drugs to not having any.

Thank you all so much!!


  1. Sendin' miracle healin' prayers your way!

    God bless and I hope both you and Paxton has a good nights rest.

  2. Thank you!! He actually slept most of last night I think....according to Josh anyways. He's been a blessing letting me go home at nights to sleep.