Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paxton is home! The doctors released him late Thursday day early. :) He is doing fantabulous! He's still a little bit "fragile", but he's been trying to get back to his active self. Even when he was in the hospital he had been working on trying to roll to his tummy, but either didn't quite have the strength to do it or it hurt him. Not sure which. Yesterday though he was on the floor at home and rolled all the way over! He even tried to start army crawling again. He doesn't go as far or as fast as usual, but we were floored that he even tried and was happy on his tummy. It made my chest hurt just to watch! He's been sleeping and eating like a champ too! It's so amazing to see how quickly he is healing and progressing.

His only restrictions are that he has to avoid public places for the next 4-5 sickness allowed!! And we can't pick him up under the arms...we have to scoop him up. That ones pretty interesting. Try "scooping" an almost 8 month old who weighs more than 18 pounds and is wiggly. :)

I will try to post some pictures of him at home sometime in the next few days. 

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  1. Little ones have always amazed me. They are just so resiliently blessed of God.

    An adult would lay around moanin' and growin' for weeks.

    I know it was great to have Pax back home with the family! He's definitely your little miracle.

    God bless and have an amazin' day sweetie! :o)